About Paula Bullock

Paula Bullock was born in Lumberton NC and attended NCSU for undergraduate and veterinary medicine. Paula graduated in 1993 and completed and internship at ANGELL MEMORIAL in Boston. In 1993 her first job was at and emergency facility in Raleigh, NC. Her love for cycling and water skiing kept her free time outdoors when not working. A few months into this job, Paula broke her leg and was unable to work the ER position, and during her recovery period she opened her first practice at the age of 23. Greenwood Veterinary Hospital was founded in Durham NC (currently known as Tyson Animal Hospital), and became a huge success. It was one of the only facilities on the east coast that could perform I131 radioactive iodine treatments. Paula Bullock also began doing an adoption radio show called the PETTING ZOO on WDCG G105 radio station. The show became a huge success and she begin pulling and featuring animals from area shelters for adoption. This lead to the formation of Paula's non profit animal rescue. George's Place Animal Sanctuary. After 7 years, she sold Greenwood and begin working in other areas of medicine but always kept animal rescue as the focus of her life. To this day they pull and adopt over 8000 pets per year, provide free vet care and transport all over the US to their forever homes.

In 2005, Paula was blessed with her son, Fynn. Fynn and her have spent so many years enjoying the outdoors. Fynn's passion for water and snow sports has lead him to be a Prowakeboarder at the age of 12. He is now 15 and a member the US Olympic Rookie team for slope style and pipe. He is the first person to ever be invited for 2 sports. He also is a world class athlete for cable and boat wake boarding. So with this said, the past 15 years, raising her son alone, has been an amazing and full time adventure. In 2009, due to their love of pets and the overwhelming abandonment of pets due to the economic downturn lead to the establishment of Affordable Animal Care in Durham NC. This facility provided low-cost or free care for those in need in the community and continue to work to rescue. Winter seasons begin to require that they relocate to Colorado, and owning a facility without managing it lead to issues. Being responsible for the action of other's while not present, became difficult and lead to more issues that Paula ever expected. Paula also had formed and opened HEXAGON Wake Park during the 2012 year for her son to train. Because of Fynn's need to travel and compete and the needs to make his Olympic Goals, both businesses were sold. They now live between Colorado and Florida so they can provide the life Fynn needs for his career goals. Paula Bullock's life has been a series of community service and taking care of her amazing son.

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